About Us

Who we are and what we do?

We are a young and dynamic team with over 10 years of experience in the field of advertising production on the market in Romania. Embo Lux was founded in 2010, starting from a simple family business, which has grown gradually, because our main objective is to satisfy more clients.

Being an ambitious team, we were not afraid to try as many new things so that our company has experienced several types of services, such as: etching performed by using mechanical machines, laser, yag, tampography, emboss and folio. Besides experience, we rely on respect, seriousness and promptitude, which always recommended us as a reliable partner.

Also, another own feature is transparency and enthusiasm to meet new challenges. Our specialists are totally involved in each activity and are open to situations that bring something new, technical challenges being one of our specialties. Therefore, whatever your requirements, we will always try to respond as soon as possible, giving you the best customized solutions.

So, what Embo Lux offers? Because we are specialized in letterpress printing, embossing, folio and engraving, we can make business cards, invitations, envelopes, greetings cards etc. We do not rely only on a complex range of services and products, but also on quality. For this we use high quality materials, which guarantee achievement an excellent finished product. Furthermore, we have advanced equipment which ensure an accelerated pace of work, precision and optimum results.

However, our team is in a constant interaction with major suppliers of materials, equipment and various technologies specific to the domain. We want to be abreast of all new developments, so that we can enhance our services and products that we offer. Also, we can thank more customers which means an increasing recognition for work done and the satisfactory results of our company.

And of course, we do not forget that each project must be treated with maximum care and communicating with the customer. So, besides teamwork that we do within the company, we used to communicate with you and together to establish even the most subtle details. Thus, we are always at disposal of our clients who want to discuss various issues relating to the project, the consultancy is included in our services.

Therefore, if you are looking for a specialist in advertising production that meets all your needs in terms of performance and quality, Embo Lux awaits you with elite products and services. For more information, please contact us at anytime!