Embossing and foil stamping

Embossing stamp Notebooks

Our company offers another option for customizing the leather objects, such as notebooks. More exactly, we can help to achieve your logo in an authentic manner by applying embossing stamp. What is embossed stamp? Well, this technology allows us to print materials such as natural leather, ecological leather or paper. In this way is created logos with a good highlighted aspect,and resists in time without losing its contours.

Why you should choose the embossed stamp? Because the customized products using this technique gets a touch of elegance and distinction. Furthermore, the technique allows us to customize a lot of promotional items, such as notebooks, wallets, leather folders, leather pochettes and various other objects made of paper or cardboard. It is a safe method, resistant and with a cute look, so that you will enjoy the finished product.

How it proceeds? The application of the embossing stamp is done using a customized matrix with the graphics desired by the client which is applied to high temperatures and by exerting a high contact pressure.  The result will be a deepening of the leather area, with clear and well-defined boundaries.

Of course, if you want something special, we can apply using this method and folio of any color, executing two ways of customization in a single step. Folio is also a method of customization, which consists in putting embossed a colored foil. In this case, the result consists in a color dent of the object. The colors can vary, so you can opt for silver, gold, white, black, red, green, blue etc.

So, the customization with an embossing stamp is an elegant process that changes the aspect of the material.  Imagine an embossed seal accomplished with embossing stamp and the distinction which this simple paper acquires. Also, we meet all kinds of invitations made by using embossed printing. They are not only charming, but indirectly inform guests that they will attend an event whose ceremony will be extremely elegant.

Therefore, if you want to make a simple object more beautiful, we are at your disposal with the most creative personalization techniques. We are waiting you!